Relocation Expenses


 Changes to Relocation Process – April 2018

As of 1st April 2018, the employing NHS Trust will administer and fund the relocation and associated expenses, such as excess travel costs, for all junior doctors on Health Education England, London and the South East training programmes.

 Why is the process changing?

 To give a better service and experience for trainees:

 Payment via HEE causes tax issues for trainees

  • Align nationally –By moving approvals and payment to Trust will be aligning nationally and simplifying process for trainees moving between regions.
  • Quicker reimbursement for trainees – current process can be slow for trainees to be reimbursed due to volume of queries across

 KSS Trainees – 19th March 2018 onwards

Both eligibility and claims will be managed by your Employing Trust from 19th March onwards. Please contact your Employing Trust to claim for relocation expenses.

London Trainees – 19th March 2018 onwards

 Step 1 – Eligibility

Eligibility approval will continue to be managed by Health Education England until further notice. Please complete and submit the Relocation Eligibility Form via email. It is available from the download panel to the right or from this link. We recommend that you use Adobe Reader to complete this form. Use of third party PDF readers may cause issues with our ability to open or read your form. Please allow up to six weeks for your form to be processed, after which you will receive a letter confirming whether or not you are eligible to claim.

Step 2 – Claims

Only when you have completed the eligibility process and received a letter of approval you can submit a claim. Claims must be submitted to your Employing Trust. As the relocation office has already processed your Eligibility Form please submit a copy of this Eligibility Outcome Letter with your Claim Form to your Employing Trust. Your employing Trust can then process your claim with evidence of your eligibility.

 Please note that the Relocation Department does NOT reimburse travel related to on-call commitments, clinical travel or interview related travel.

  • If you want to claim travel related to on-call commitments or clinical travel please contact your medical staffing officer at your employing trust.
  • If you wish to claim interview related travel please visit the recruitment expenses page