Lessons Learnt Pilot: Building a safer foundation

Lessons Learnt is a patient safety initiative formulated in response to findings outlined in the Francis Report. The pilot is based in Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS trust, East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust and Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

‘Lessons Learnt’ are  60-minute sessions built into the Foundation teaching programme to allow foundation doctors to lead peer-group discussions on patient safety incidents (PSI) encountered in the workplace - within a safe, facilitated forum.

The sessions are led by F1/F2 Leads. Foundation doctors volunteer to present PSIs - incidents observed by or involving a trainee that could have or did lead to patient harm. Senior doctors (consultants/ GPs/ senior STs) trained in incident analysis facilitate the sessions. The Lessons Learnt pilot runs for six months, with sessions built into the teaching timetables in January, February and March 2014, when the pilot will end.

We have successfully run three training days: 26th November and 9th December 2013 at the Hotel Seattle, Brighton, and 17th December 2013 at Frimley Park. Over 40 Consultants have been trained as Facilitators, and 15 FY1/2 trainees have been Lessons Learnt Leads have been trained in the pilot areas of Brighton, East Sussex and Frimley Park.

Lessons Learnt pilot teaching timetable 2014

Lessons Learnt Evaluation – the results of the pilot survey

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