Glossary of Trust Staff

There are a number of people within Trusts with whom trainees will have regular contact. Contact details for these members of staff will be included in Trust induction packs but a summary of the roles of staff within the Trust is given below.

Director of Medical Education (DME)

The director of medical education is a consultant in the trust and works for HEE, as well as the hospital.  They have managerial responsibility for medical education. They work closely with the clinical tutor/s and MEMs and can also be approached for formal and informal advice.

Clinical Tutor (CT)

The clinical tutor is a consultant in the trust who is responsible for organising trust induction and general educational programmes. If you have any problems with educational matters or supervision you can take them to the clinical tutor.  They can also help you deal with any problems concerning your career, as they have wide experience and specialist contacts.

College Tutor (Specialty Programme Director)

The college tutor is a consultant with particular responsibility for training in a specialty. They usually organise departmental teaching programmes, and can be asked for advice about the specialty, including careers.

Foundation Training Programme Director (FTPD)

The FTPD oversees the training of 20-40 foundation trainees, and organises their teaching programmes. They meet with new F1 doctors during their first attachment. In some trusts the foundation and clinical tutors are the same.

Educational Supervisor

This may be the clinical supervisor for your first attachment or for another attachment depending on local arrangements. They have a particular responsibility for your education through the whole year. You will meet them at regular intervals and they should generally be the first port of call for any concerns you may have about your training.

Clinical Supervisor

The clinical supervisor is normally the consultant you are working for in each attachment, and is responsible for your teaching and supervision. You should have regular meetings with them during your attachment.

Medical Education Manager (MEM)

The medical education manager runs the postgraduate centre and administers the induction and educational programmes.  They work closely with medical staffing and the clinical tutor. They are readily available for general advice and will be on hand to help you adapt to your new way of life in the trust.