New Foundation Website Launched

We are pleased to announce that the new London and KSS Foundation website is finally launched and accessible at:


Each school have their own sections of the site where we will be build up a new online presence for the first time since the 3 schools moved to a central location.


In the coming weeks we will be uploading the Individual Placement Descriptors (IPDs) which we know trusts have been working hard on finalising.


We will also be uploading programme information, so our perspective trainees can find out important information relating to the programmes the schools have on offer.


The website has been designed to incorporate lots of generic and specialist topics relevant to all three schools, which can be found in the joint school and programme information section via the home page. 


This website is still very much in development but we do welcome any feedback or ideas.

We will provide further information regarding the decommissioning of this site.