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F1 Abroad

Please note that not all UK medical schools facilitate the completion of F1 abroad.  Please contact your local medical school for further details.

F2 Abroad

It may be possible for Foundation Doctors to complete their F2 year outside of the UK. The process is lengthy and success not guaranteed, as overseas programmes can only be approved if they meet rigorous UK training requirements: The Foundation Doctor will need to arrange a placement abroad which will give them the training in the F2 competences they need.

STFS has an obligation to ensure that service delivery within NHS trusts is not compromised by the approval of any F2 abroad applications and reserves the right to decline all applications on this basis if it is deemed necessary. A maximum of 4 F2 abroad applications for F2 programmes will be approved.

The Foundation Doctor must gain approval of the proposed training programme from the Foundation School before taking up the placement and demonstrate how they will achieve Foundation competences. The overseas institution must agree to use the e-Portfolio and to assess the Foundation Doctor in line with the requirements of the UK Foundation Programme Curriculum.

Guidance for F1 Doctors and Host Institutions and an application form is available to download from the right hand side of this page.

Currently STFS is not able to offer pre-approved overseas F2 programmes, however, a small number of doctors have successfully arranged and completed their F2 abroad in both New Zealand and Australia in the last 2 years and we are able to provide further details of these placements if required. Please note that the number of medical graduates in Australia is increasing, so there are fewer vacancies; the timing of their year is different from ours; some posts include periods of activities such as rotating night cover, which are not approved for training.