Programme Fair

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Each year the South Thames Foundation School invites its prospective F1s to attend a programme fair before they rank their programme preferences. Each trust within the region has a stall staffed by clinical, administrative and trainee representatives from the trust. A full list of each Trust is available for viewing.

It is an opportunity for foundation doctors to ask questions in person and obtain a greater understanding of what each trust may have to offer before submitting their programme preferences.

The programme fair for 2018 entrants will be held on Friday 16th March 2018 in  Southwark Cathedral, located 5 minutes from London Bridge railway and tube stations

At the fair you can:

  • Attend a talk on programme allocation and foundation training
  • Discuss training options with representatives from all 18 NHS acute hospital trusts, 6 mental health trusts and general practices in STFS
  • Meet staff from STFS, related organisations and professional bodies

Attendees receive a trainee pack on arrival at the programme fair which contained an overview of STFS, a statement on service reconfiguration, a list of trusts in attendance and a summary of August 2018 F1 programmes available to rank in FPAS.  A copy of the pack and programme data will be available to download shortly. 

A copy of 2017 the STFS Prospectus is available for for download. The 2018 version will be available shortly.

A copy of the presentation given by the STFS Directors can be downloaded on the right hand side. 

Materials for the 2018 Fair are in development and will be uploaded once available

If you have any questions about the programme fair, e-mail