STFS will include on this page summaries of/links to information published elsewhere about current and former STFS foundation doctors.  If there are any interesting achievements by STFS foundation doctors that you would like to let us know about please contact us and we will be pleased to include them on this page.


Dr Naeem Ahmed, Clinical Fellow, NHS Commissioning Board

STFS academic foundation doctor (2010-2012)

Dr Ahmed completed academic foundation training at King’s College London, receiving the ‘outstanding trainee’ award whilst also serving as trainee representative for South Thames Foundation School. His research focused on the role of alveolar nitric oxide in sickle cell disease. He has also published and presented internationally on reducing health inequality and improving patient participation and access to health services.

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Entry updated: March 2014


Dr Alexander Kumar FRGS

STFS academic foundation doctor (2008-10)

Dr Kumar is a specialty trainee at the Oxford School of Anaesthesia. He is living in Antarctica for 13 months during 2012/13, conducting human spaceflight research for the European Space Agency and is researching human physiology and psychology as part of the agency’s preparations for a possible manned mission to Mars.

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Entry updated: June 2012